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How It Works

CapriPay is the first Cryptocurrency Payment Solution Provider with Cashback

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CapriPay Digital Wallet

CapriPay digital wallet helps protect your assets by placing
your coins in cold storage and yet allowing you instant access.
CapriPay allows anyone to store and send Capricoins to anyone
with a CapriPay account.


CapriPay provides you with a secure, easy and accessible way to use your Capricoins

Earn Cashback

Amongst many benefits provided by CapriPay, we also let
you earn with Cashback on purchases from participating merchants.


CapriPay is a revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet; it is the first online cryptocurrency wallet that gives you a clear picture of your online assets and actually pays you staking rewards while you store your coins.

CapriPay is a revolutionary cashback system. Unlike other cashback systems, there are no charges either to the merchant or to the end user for the cashback services that we provide. 100% of the cashback rewards are paid out to the end user.

CapriPay is a revolutionary business model; it is the first cashback system built around a cryptocurrency that is fast, secure and easy for the end user, with revenue generated through online advertising.